If time was flight across the Universe, life a lit window in its path – a flickering brilliance in absolute darkness – mine would be closed, the light switched off. Although cut and bruised, I would see more and stop to turn the light on again.



Kings of old

Where kings once stood, now lie in ruin the broken bones of their folly. For even the unassailable shall be assailed – resistance is futile! Empires tumble as time conquers all. Memories fade and the wheel turns yet again.

Christmas day

This evening was spent on Ramberget. A bit chilly and quite windy 😀

Fields of green

Who am I to judge? Who am I to exact measures? Yet, so many do. On these fields of green… Where everything begins anew.

First photo in one-year project

Following below is the first photo in my one-year project that I have assigned to myself. A proper introduction and description of this project will eventually follow on my home page, but until then, this will have to do.

Recent years have been painful for me and people I care for. I find a need to process what has happened to better understand where to go from here. So, during a full year, I shall attempt to capture my life in the form of a series of nature photographs coupled with written words – some in english, some in swedish (when appropriate). There will be 24 photos all in all, one per hour around the clock. At the end of the year an exhibition is planned with all 24 photos and texts.

This is my first photo. I pray you shall not be deterred and think that I encumber you with this.

I recently posted the same photo in my blog, but with an entirely different text. This photo, however, was always intended to fill the 21st hour and with the text now given (my apologies for writing the text in swedish).


Så res den fana mörk och grå
på hög av sten.
En härold rest för båda två
i smutsigt sken.

Låt vittna om den sorg hon led,
ej länge sen.
Att fäst i hög på ödslig hed
är saknaden.

Vår dotter dröjer ensam kvar
med oläkt sår.
Vår flicka fick väl inga svar –
den skuld består!

Hrafninn flýgur

This week I returned home from a trip to Sweden’s highest mountain peak, Kebnekaise. The mountain itself and its surrounding area offered a beautiful scenery and fantastic views. Although we failed to reach the actual summit – snow and cold weather got in the way – the trip was well worth the time and effort.

A most welcome surprise was chancing upon a pair of raven sitting in the slope under the mountain. At one time I got as close as 5 meters away, though the camera wasn’t ready of course 🙂

When trekking in rough, steep terrain, lightweight packing is basically a prerequisite for a safe and comfortable journey. It is apparent that I need to further trim weight. Areas for consideration includes camera gear, cooking gear, food and packed clothing.

  • A lighter-weight camera stand is needed; Hight is not that important
  • A smaller pot can be used as I prefer smaller, but more frequent, meals. It is important to consider cooking times to make stops a bit shorter
  • Too much food was brought. Packing in rations likely makes estimation a lot easier (I still refuse freeze-dried rations though)
  • Not all packed clothes were used. Washing is of course a good alternative

Below are a few of the photos from this trip.

Microsoft offers Codec to natively view RAW files on Windows

Microsoft now offers a Codec pack to natively view RAW files from common camera manufacturers on Windows. Please see Microsoft Camera Codec Pack for more information and downloading.

My thanks to Martin Bergström for the great tip.

Happy viewing